Charles G. Barkley 1871-1872

Charles Gillespie Barkley was the second principal of the Bloomsburg State Normal School (BSNS), serving for three months following the resignation of Henry Carver. Barkley was born on January 30, 1839 in Bloomsburg and lived here his entire life. Before becoming principal of BSNS he had worked in the field of education and studied law. In 1863 he was admitted to the Bar and  elected superintendent of common schools in Columbia County, a position he held until 1872.

The superintendent of public schools in Pennsylvania, J.P. Wickersham, recommended Barkley for the position of principal in December, 1871.  His term began on December 20, and it was understood to be a temporary appointment until a permanent successor could be found.  His time in office lent stability to the school, with increased enrollment and more organized finances.  In March of 1872 it was mentioned at a trustees' meeting that Barkley wished to return to his law practice and that the Rev. John Hewitt was willing to serve as principal.  The board immediately elected the reverend to the post as permanent principal and expressed their gratitude to Barkley for taking over when his help was needed.

After the end of his term as principal of BSNS in 1872 Barkley left the field of education entirely and devoted his full attention to the practice of law. But he did not forsake the school entirely, because on May 3, 1875 he was appointed a member of the BSNS Board of Trustees and served until his death on October 10, 1900.

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