Tennis Courts

(The tennis courts in 1921. They were built in 1890 and located just to the east of the dormitory.  The courts were removed in 1955 when work began on the College Commons, now the Bookstore Building.)


Football Team 1921-1922

(The team was coached in the Fall of 1921 by first-year head coach George M. Mead, and unfortunately finished with a 1 - 6 - 1 record.  The sole victory was a 32-0 triumph over Shenandoah High School.)

Tennis Courts

(The Normal School tennis courts in 1922.  Taken from the same direction as the year before, looking south toward the Susquehanna River.  The courts were heavily used, leading to the building of a second set in the mid-1930s where the Hartline Science Center is now located.)

Baseball Team 1921-1922

(The baseball team was also coached by George M. Mead, and ran into tough competition in the Spring of 1922 to finish the season with a record of 3-11.  Games were played on the athletic field in the area where the Columbia Hall dormitory is now located.)


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